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    The Madison River, the Henry's Fork of the Snake River and numerous other streams are located within the Halo Ranch Outfitters' operating area.
    The fly fishing in our area is reputed to be the greatest in the world! Fishing guides as well as fishing advice is available from adjoining site links.
    Wives and children of dedicated fisherman often ride horses with the Halo Ranch Outfitters while their husbands fish!

Fishing Outfitters
Madison River Outfitters
Trout Hunter
Hyde Outfitters
Arrick's Fly Shop 
Three Rivers Ranch Outfitters
 soaring eagle Because of the large number of lakes and streams, you may see  ducks, geese, trumpeter swan, cranes, and bald eagles, just to mention a few. Bring your camera and enjoy wildlife photography at its best!. 

Hebgen Lake - Montana's Premier Fly Fishing Lake

Hebgen Lake, located just twentyfive miles north of the Eagle Ridge Ranch has the most prolific hatches of any stillwater fishery in North America. This nutrient rich lake receives its source from a river system like no other. From fourteen miles up where the Gibbon and the Firehole meet to form the Madison River, the unusually warm temperature that inhabits the Upper Madison helps to form the perfect chemistry and nutrients that the Hebgen aguatic life thrive in.

But what really sets it apart is the trout’s feeding
habits that generously indulge in Hebgen’s aquatic smorgasbord. Even though Hebgen Lake is considered to be one of the top dry fly lakes in the country, its proximity to Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding blue ribbon waters make Hebgen just another body of water to consider when most anglers come to the Yellowstone region. The excuses are many: "It’s too crowded", "I prefer moving water" , "Not enough action" etc. For those who love large selective rising fish, enough said!

  we love familys!

The picture for the background of this web site was taken on the Henry's Fork of the Snake River
Come Ride horses in Western Yellowstone Country and its beautiful surrounding mountains, lakes and streams.  We have horses for everyone, regardless of their skill or age.