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Before June, and before all of the snow has melted inthe Yellowstone Country, the Halo Ranch Outfitters take their horseback rides out on the Juniper Mountains in Western Fremont County.  From June until October these rides are conducted in the Yellowstone Country including Island Park & West Yellowstone.

The Tom Angell family of St. Anthony own the  Halo Ranch Outfitters. The snow stays on the ground much longer along the Continental Divide of Idaho & Montana than down in the valleys. Each spring, up until about the third week in May, the horseback rides are conducted on the Juniper Mountains, which are located just north of the St. Anthony Sand Dunes. Most of the deer, elk, and other wildlife that spend their summers and fall in Island Park, spend their winter and early spring on or near the Juniper Mountains! Most of these field trips are for the Upper Valley secondary school science classes, but in the last few years, there has been an increasing demand for recreational type rides for different school clubs, scout groups, and other membership groups with advisors.  These rides are guided, but a specific teaching area is not specified as they are with the science classes. Equine Merit badges are often worked on.

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During May and June, special group rates are available to scouts, church groups, and other membership type groups. During July and August the rates are the same as the regular rides, but special rides are available to fit the needs and desires of the group.


Badge Work 

Our trail ride staff can accomodate Scout Troops who desire to do  merit badge work. merit badge Wildlife The following items will be reviewed with scouts: how to approach a horse; basic horse care and grooming skills; the parts of a bridle and saddle and their functions; the proper way to saddle a horse; how to use the reins along with your arms and legs and safe riding skills.
Skills will be taught by an experienced wranglers.

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This is a family operated business.  Of the nine original family members, six of them are now teaching school, or have have valid teaching certificates!

Halo Ranch Outfitters

For more information, email us at halo@yellowstonehorses.com or give us a call:
  (Idaho office)   (208) 558 7077
(Montana Office) (406) 646-7246
(cell)    (208) 390 8883
(home ranch)  (208) 624-7777

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The history of the area, especially for the past two hundred years, can be stressed, according to the wishes and desires of the advisors.

Rides can actually be conducted that offer a little of everything that is related to the interests of the group.


Mr. Angell is a certified secondary teacher with a masters degree in Natural Science. Mr. Angell has taught biology and other science classes for a total of 31 years.  From 1992, until its conversion to BYU Idaho, he was also involved, with his horses, in Ricks College field biology classes. There are horses available for individuals of all levels of experience riding horses including no experience at all!  Part of this horseback riding experience can include grooming and saddling if so desired. All rides include riding instructions. The instructors are probably the best anywhere when it comes to teaching the horsemanship portion of these rides. 

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