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Halo Ranch

St. Anthony, Idaho


For Reservations

Boarding for the vacationer

If you are bringing your horse with you while vacationing in Yellowstone Country,short term boarding and trailer parking.  All horses are required to have proof of a Coggins test and health record for boarding.  Reservations are necessary to insure availability of corrals and parking.

  Mosquitos are not a real problem, but horseflies are! Bring your repellant.  (we don't vaccinate our herd for West Nile Virus) 



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The Halo Ranch is located near St. Anthony in lower Fremont County, Idaho.  We are 65 miles south of Yellowstone National Park.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a time that the ranch gates will be locked?

Yes!  If you plan to be back at a late hour, arrangements must be made with one of the guides or wranglers; ordinarily the gates are closed at dusk.


Do our horses need proof of Coggins tests?

Yes, a client's horses must have un updated copy of a Coggins test by a state approved laboratory.


I am going to be in the area for vacation.  Do you provide guides for your mountain trails?

Yes, we do, but you will be asked to join one of the regular half day rides.  If you are boarding your horse with us, you may join a regular ride (with your own horse) but you will still be required to pay the regular fee for the ride. (not recommended)

 May I park my trailer at your facility?  

 Trailers may be parked at the facility, but will not be accessible after dark.

Do we need to send our payment ahead of time?
No. Over the years we have found the equestrian public to be very responsible people.  We know things come up at the last minute and plans need to be changed, especially where livestock is concerned.  We ask, as a courtesy,  that you notify us as soon as possible if your plans do change.

Do we have to sign release forms?

Yes, a release form needs to be signed.