Bonuses for the guests at the Eagle Ridge Ranch


                      GO FISHING!
Horseback riding guests can go fishing in a private lake on the ranch!  The ranch even has some fishing gear.  There is no charge for the guests

ChapsBecause of the rodeo background of the Halo Ranch Outfitters, who provide the horseback riding facilities at the Eagle Ridge Ranch, there are several pairs of genuine chaps available for guests that want them.



For that real authentic look, there is also a wall-full of  genuine western hats!  Some of these hats are 10x beaver hats! They are all well used and they provide a true western look! Be sure you bring your camera!

wolf laying down

We're in Yellowstone country, but we're not in Yellowstone National Park, but there is no fence around Yellowstone Park! We see and hear wolves, coyotes, and elk.  We see bear, mountain sheep, moose, and on and on.  We have some of the greatest wildlife viewing in the country, and they are truly animals in the wild!


Some of our guides were professional cowboys  in their younger years, traveling throughout the Western United States in competition.

In fact, several of the saddles that our guests will be riding are actually trophy saddles won by these professional cowboys!  If you were going for a hike in the mountains, what would you rather wear, a brand new pair of boots or an old pair?  Well, the same applys to saddles; most of our saddles are older and well broke-in!  We want you to be as comfortable as possible while out on these rides.  Some of our saddles are long, some are short, some have cushion seats, and some even have high backs. Our guides will make every effort to put you in a saddle that best fits you!

Early arriving guests are taught the basics of handling a lariat,  sometimes we even have a  competition roping! (a hay bale)

<>Guide giving directions
The guides provide a short course in horsemanship and safety before the riders leave the corral.  The guides then choose the guest's horses using factors such as size, age, and experience. The stirrups are carefully adjusted for comfort while riding in the mountains.

   Meadow-steer drinking


 While traveling through the meadows, we ride among livestock. When you ride along side of a 1700 pound bull, be prepared for an adrenalin rush! You will have a true western ranch adventure along with the thrills of riding in the mountains.  Be sure you bring a camera!

The area we ride in is very remote; after the first ten minutes in the saddle, more than likely you will not see another human being until we get back!

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Reservations:  Reservations can be made by calling (208) 558-7077.   If an after-hour situation develops, we can be reached by cell phone at (208) 390-8883.  During the off-season, after phone call approval, rides may even be booked by e-mail.

Licenses and Permits
All wranglers and guides involved with the Halo Ranch Outfitters are certified by the State Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board and licensed in CPR and First Aid
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