Daily Rides Available



The Yellowstone Horses-Eagle Ridge Ranch guests mount up and leave for the mountains right from the Eagle Ridge Ranch corrals.


    Yellowstone Horses Outfitters provide longer rides, and shorter rides. Most of the half-day rides last approximately three (3) hours, but can be shortened or lengthened to fit your needs.

            Time Schedule

*    Morning half-day ride : 9:50 a.m.       

*   Afternoon half-day ride: 1:30 p.m      

 *  Cowboy Cook-out Ride: 4:00pm

 *   Evening ride: 4:00 p.m




(No Sunday rides)  

For reservations: 

(208) 558-7077

The Yellowstone Horses-Eagle Ridge Ranch guides are all State Certified, bonded, and trained in First Aid and CPR! These guides know this mountainous country like the back of their hand

Yellowstone Horses-Eagle Ridge Ranch  Daily Schedule

MOUNTAIN HALF-DAY TRIP (morning)   (Mount at 9:50 a.m.)   $64.60 per/rider
These trips are the most beautiful rides in the world! The trails are steep, but not dangerous.
Great GuidesWe ride up onto the high mountain ridges and down into the deep ravines. We usually see wildlife and even in late summer there are still wild-flowers blooming up that high! These rides are fantastic!  Our guides conduct the rides to satisfy the desires of our guests which include things like rate of travel.  In most cases, however, there will be some trotting on the morning rides.  There are fantastic picture taking oportunities on this ride.  Groups often go on the 1/2 day ride and come back to the ranch and spend the rest of the day boating, (we lend you the boat)  fishing (we lend you the fishing pole and you don't need a license!), swimming (there is even a swing line) roping bales of hay (the guides will show you how)

 FAMILY SPECIAL  (Afternoon)                   $47.17  per/rider 
                   Mounts  at 1:30 p.m.)                                             Starts whenever you want! 

If you are interested in going on a short horseback ride for an hour and a half and still take advantage of all the extras that are offered to guests on the regular rides, then the Family Special afternoon ride is for you! Rope SwingAfternoon ride

1. Fishing in our private ponds, lakes, and streams

2. Riding paddle boats in the lakes
3. Throwing horseshoes in the horseshoe pits
4. Practice roping dummy steers
5. Dressing up in authentic cowboy hats and chaps and then taking pictures with the horses.
6. Barbeque pits to roast hotdogs

Throwing Horseshoes

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EVENING RIDE  (Mount at 4:00 p.m.)   $51.88 per/rider   Six days a week the guides from Yellowstone Horses Outfitters offer an evening ride which starts at 4:00 p.m. (2 Hours) This ride is not as vigorous nor as long as the 1/2 day rides; they are casual, gentle, and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.We ride amidst the natural habitat of the moose, coyotes, and nesting geese and trumpeter swan.  The guides will be happy to take your pictures at any time during the ride.  The guides will tell you some of the history, experiences, and even some of the folklore associated with the ranch.  Guests are encourage to come early and take advantage of all the available activities.  The cost of the ride covers everything!

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FALL RIDE  The trips after Labor Day, are a totally different experience!  The fall rides are ablaze with glorious color, the rapid, rushing water of many of the creeks has slowed and the streams are easy to cross.The boggy portions of the meadows have firmed up and the horse's footing is sound. We usually move at a slower pace, taking lots of time to take pictures.  This is the mating season of some of the area's wildlife; we might even hear some of the mating calls on the fall rides! There is only one fall ride each day and is structured to fit the needs of the group, if we have some extra adventurous groups, we can mold this ride to be as challenging, or as long as you want. Because the numbers are few, the cost of the ride will depend on how long and what time of day you want to ride.  Jackets and  gloves are recommended; the weather can change  fast here in the mountains and it's best to be prepared!

Western Family Cookout -Dutch Oven
(Mount at 4:00 p.m.)   $75.47 per/rider ages 12 & up (kids $66.03)

The ride starts at 4:00 pm with a fun, relaxing, beautiful two hour horse ride. Without following any specific system of trails, the guides go through the trees, meadows and around the lakes of the huge Eagle Ridge, the largest ranch in Eastern Idaho and South western Montana. Guests then return to the barn, say farewell to their horses and are taken to a beautiful outdoor mountain setting amongst the wild flowers and pine trees  for a fabulous Dutch Oven Meal.  The food portions are large; you will not be disappointed!

                                                                    The menu typically includes the following:

                     Dutch oven spare ribs

                         Dutch oven potatoes

                              Green salad

                                Soda or water for beverage

                                        Hot scones made fresh while you eat! They are made with a secret family recipe served with honey butter or cinnamon and sugar. (People have been known to come back just for the scones)

                                         Dutch oven peach cobbler

We promise you will be satisfied!  After the meal is through, typically we stand around the campfire singing a few of the old time favorites.  We usually wrap things up around 7:30 pm but we don't try to rush you.  If you like you can stay until dark boating, playing volleyball, or even fishing.  All  of these things are included with the cost of the ride and meal

The Western Family Cookout Ride is not a scheduled daily event; it is designed for groups and we need a minimum number of riders in order to schedule so give us a call and see what is available.

The Halo Ranch, a beautiful ranch which is located on the Middle Branch of the Fall River, is the home ranch for the Halo Ranch Outfitters who furnish the horses and saddles for the Yellowstone Horses-Eagle Ridge Ranch. click on: Halo 'A' Ranch 

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