(This section of the Yellowstone Horses Outfitters site is to draw attention to the wildlife seen on their horseback rides)

The horses used by the Yellowstone Horses Outfitters are leased from the Halo Ranch Outfitters of St. Anthony, Idaho and are considered as the top-notch string of horses in the country!

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There is a lot of WILDLIFE in the remote country that surrounds Yellowstone Park

Coyotes are often seen on the rides; sometimes they're heard as well!
Wildlife is nearly always seen on these rides, but remember this is wildlife in the wild!  The area we ride in is close to Yellowstone Park but it's open to hunting and fishing; it's not a game preserve!
Frequently seen wildlife include: bear, elk, ducks, badger, geese, cranes, deer, coyotes, beaver, and bald eagles.  There are seldom seen animals as well: they include, wolverine, and mountain lion, and mountain sheep. There are lots of other wildlife not listed, but seen often.
Elk are usually seen in the early morning and late evening.
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 Guides are professional cowboys 

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