Home Ranch of the Angell family

<>Nestled just west of the Tetons, and Located along the Middle Branch of the Fall River, in Fremont County, Idaho is the Halo  Ranch.tetons  This ranch has been owned by the Angell family for four generations, and the fifth generation is now being raised there!

Cattle, hay, and competitive rodeo horses are raised on this ranch besides the saddle horses used to ride on the trails.  In fact, many of the saddle horses now being used on the trail, were used in competitive rodeo events before they became trail horses!

 bucking horseThe Halo Ranch has it's own private rodeo arena to practice in. Rodeo is a family tradition. Most of the men in the family, starting with Great Grandpa Curley Angell, all are, or have been, rodeo champions!

  However, some of the members of the family, either from getting old, getting hurt, or getting smart, no longer ride in competition.

       All of the men of the family have also been
 champion wrestlers, or boxers  and the girls have all been cheerleaders!