Fall Horseback Rides

Bring Your Camera!

The guides from Yellowstone Horses take rides into the mountains each fall to listen to the elk bugle.

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Listen to the elk bugle

Fall is  a fantastic time  of the year to ride horses  in Yellowstone country. The heat of summer is starting to fade, giving way to cool mountain air hinting of the winter to come.  Grazing ElkThe native deciduous trees and shrubs  are ablaze with glorious color. The animals of the backcountry are easier to locate and photograph.  The elk are in the "rut" and thoughts of mating supersede the usual practices of caution so  typical of animals in the wild!

 Come ride with us in the fall and see and photograph the Yellowstone country in one of its most beautiful seasons. Our fall rides are casual and because of our unique location, you will not see another human!


The fall rides are completely structured to fit your needs. However, the mountainous area in which we conduct our fall rides is not as steep as some of our summer tours.  The rapid, rushing water of many of the creeks has slowed and the streams are easy to cross; we do not ride upon the mountainous, shale rock peaks;  the boggy portions of the meadows have firmed up and the horse's footing is sound. You will choose the type of ride that you desire.

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$67.60 + $2.40 Forest Fee

Many of our fall trails have edible berries that we can stop and pick.  These include, wild raspberries, huckleberries, blueberries, elderberries, wild strawberries, service berries,  thimbleberries, and many, many more.  Our guides know which ones are "for-sure" safe, and  they will recommend them.  If they are "not sure" they'll recommend that you wait!

Bird Watching

Our fall rides usually encounter many unique birds. The ducks and geese are flocking together, getting ready for the flight south. The  trumpeter swan, with their (8) foot wingspans are starting to associate with each other. (they're loners in the spring and summer) The male rocky mountain blue birds are showing of f  their  exquisite beauty.  The hairy woodpeckers are working on the trees as we pass.  A huge, magnificent, bald eagle  can always be found in one of the old dead trees overlooking the creek that flows down through the south pasture.


Bring your camera and we will promise you  some great pictures.  The guides  will be happy to take pictures of you  in these beautiful surroundings.  We encourage our guests to  e-mail pictures and testimonies back to us.  We often upload  our guest's  pictures on FACEBOOK as well as our <Testimony> web page.   Some of them are so good we just leave them there!

Horses & Tack

The horses used on our fall rides are very gentle; in many cases they are middle aged, former professional horses that have spent their younger years  in  rodeo competition! We are proud of them!  These are horses that do not spook when the moose jumps out of the creek or the pine hen flies up  beneath their hooves.  At the same time, these are not fat, "lazy" horses that require constant prodding.  We think we have the greatest string of horses in the country!

Our saddles (like our horses) are comfortable!  They are not new, but by the same token they are not old. Most of them have cushion seats  and are well broke in.  (No one likes riding  a new saddle or breaking in a new pair of boots)

Mounting Blocks

Mounting Block

All of our guests are required to use a mounting block when mounting their horse at the barn.  There are three reasons for this: First, it's easier on the horse.  Second, it's easier on the rider.  Third, the seasoned rider does not have to be embarrassed by the fact that he or she can no longer swing up on  the saddle with the smooth, elegant,  flowing motion of a few years ago.


Reservations can be made by calling (208) 558-7077  If an after-hour situation develops, we can be reached by cell phone at (208) 390-8883.  During the off-season, after speaking with someone by phone, rides may even be booked by e-mail.  halo@yellowstonehorses.com

Licenses and Permits
All wranglers and guides involved with the Yellowstone Horses Outfitters are certified by the State Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board and licensed in CPR and First Aid
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