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The guides from Yellowstone Horses-Eagle Ridge Ranch encourage their guests to send us some of their pictures and a short message telling how they liked their ride.  This section of the web site is devoted to these testimonials and guest's photographs.

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baby moose Farnsworth family

We wanted to thank you for a wonderful time had by the
entire family. 

Farnsworth Family
Salt Lake City, UT

We chose Yellowstone Horses because the rides were a little longer and they had a "liberal" weight limit. The rides are listed morning or afternoon for four hours, the actual ride time is a little over three, but that is plenty. The other hour is used to match each rider with an appropriate horse, signing in, etc. Plenty to do while you wait, walk through the barn, toss a lasso, just visit. We took a trail across the meadow, up the mountain, and back down through a valley. Nice scenery, good pace, good photo opps.  Friendly and good communication with the online reservations.  
                                        The Landfords, Muldrow, Oklahoma

Ludwig Family 
“Best ride ever!”  The ride, the wranglers, the horses, the scenery, the hospitality and the price were all great. We miss our horses!! Thank you for the best possible experience. We rode again in West Glacier, but this was not nearly as great an experience. (We felt Swan Outfitters in Glacier was too rule-bound and uptight. Still nice, but paled in comparison to your guides, they were so relaxed and they let you have a good time. Your guides just took their time and cared about the horses and the folks who come to ride. 
                            The Ludwig Family


This is chloŽ atherton. I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing horseback riding experience! That was one of the funnest ones I've ever done in the 16 years of my life and I wish I could go more but live in Cali so probably once a year maybe. Your guides were so amazing as well especially in the rodeo.WOW. tell Jerome I say hi and if he doesn't remember me, tell him my mom was in the bleachers at the rodeo cheerin him on the loudest.


Littlr Girl on Slim    Hi! We will also be coming back each year for a great ride in the mountains.

My daughter loved "Slim" the buckskin, who she wants to rename "Spirit".
thanks for the wonderful memories.
The Brian Weese Family

guide with family on horses

West Yellowstone Visitors Center

  This Mindy Miller testimonial was highlighted by West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce on facebook.
Mindy Miller's child

Mindy Miller family 1
Just wanted to let you know that my family and I did an evening ride and it was fantastic. The trail was gorgeous. The place was very well maintained. The horses are obviously loved and well cared for. The staff really has a great relationship with the horses.

Thanks so much for your recommendation. We really enjoyed our stay in your town. LOVED the museum, the little coffee shop on the corner across the road from you, and the restaurants we visited. All the locals we encountered were extremely friendly and gracious. We look forward to visiting again soon.

We're going to do the fishing next time. We ran out of energy and time!

Thanks again,
Mindy Miller

Good afternoon,
I don't know if you remember us or not . . . we were the family of 12 (Marslender) who ended up with an evening ride instead of the morning ride we had booked a couple of weeks ago. 
I wanted to thank you for your honesty in telling us about the booking mistake and suggesting some solutions.  Too often, I've dealt with businesses who refuse to admit their mistakes and who really don't act overly concerned about how their actions impact their customers.  Your straightforward handling of the problem and your willingness to do whatever it took to give us a great experience was noticed by all my family.  We talked about it later; it's what I try to teach my children.  I was pleased that they saw--and noticed--your example.
The bottom line is that we had a great ride.  Our guide and his son did a great job of giving us a much better than expected experience.  Instead of it becoming a frustration, it turned out to be one of the highlights of our vacation.  Thanks for going the extra mile.
Jack Marslender

Chris and Carolynn Milos Family Milos family on Golden Lake


Hi Angell Family,

The following emails are going to contain picture attachments of our horseback ride in July. After your trail, we rode in WY and SD, but yours was the longest, most educational, and by far the most beautiful. You made us believers and we want to come back!
 Thanks so much for the great time

Chris Milos Family


While we were taking a trail ride with you on July 30 and 31 (the Downing family from NJ), we saw a moose nearby, and our guide (Lagrande?) asked if I would e-mail some of the pictures I took of it.  I am going to send along four that you might be able to use.  I'll send them as attachments on four different e-mails.  Thanks for a wonderful riding experience. Millicent Moore

moose taken by Moore family

Rudd Family
These pictures don't do the scenery justice--it was absolutely breathtaking!! The horses were very well trained and a joy to ride.  We would reccomend the Halo Ranch Outfitters to anyone looking for a memorable horsebackriding experience.  We can't wait for our next trip up there!
Thank You,

Hi Yellowstone Horses People,
 Logan Family on the banks of Silver LakeSorry this has taken me so long, but here are a few pictures from our fabulous ride with you back in August. Thanks again for another great ride and see you next year!
 Lori Logan 

Carri MCGarry

"This was a great way to see great views and wildlife - outside of the Park. We enjoyed a small group, beautiful horses and a great guide. Even as inexperienced riders, we were able to handle our horses, feel comfortable on them - and even bond with them as we traveled along!" 

Carrie H. McGarry

P.S. We even came upon a lightening strike --and put it out of course!


The guides are truly a class act and showed us  a great time. Tom took his time and pointed out all the highlights that this beautiful area is noted for.  This was our second trip with Tom and the and the trips just keep getting better.

gang shot of the McLean family  Tom went out of his way to take us on a ride when the ranch wasn't even
scheduled to offer any rides that day.
   We will be back for another ride with Tom
and the gang.  You can bet on it.
The McLeans from Atlanta
Tom, one of our guides

We all enjoyed the ride.  The scenery was beautiful and Clint was a great guide. Thanks!
The Engstrom Family 

Engstrom Family

Whidden Family
"If you are looking for a wonderful family activity to do while in the Yellowstone area, THIS IS IT! The Angell family made our trip very special with their knowledge of the area and their warm western hospitality. The horses are friendly, the rides long, the guides educational, the views spectacular, and the wildlife abundant. We enjoyed the rides so much, we rode a couple of times while in the area and look forward to a future return." The Whidden  Family                                 
 Gainesville, Georgia

Lewis Family picture of Silver Lake

I was impressed that my 6 year old with no experience horseback riding had no trouble with the trip. I would highly recommend the trip to others exploring this area. The best horseback riding trip I have ever been on.
                              Roanoke, Virginia


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