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We're just a short, beautiful drive away from Yellowstone National Park, but far enough away to avoid all of its crowds & traffic! For an unsurpassed horseback riding experience for the entire family, book your ride with Yellowstone Horses Outfitters; you won't be disappointed!

Ride horses in the mountains surrounding the Eagle Ridge Ranch, as well as on the ranch itself. The Eagle Ridge Ranch is the largest cattle ranch in Eastern Idaho and Southwest Montana; it is located just 30 minutes from Yellowstone Park and 10 minutes from "historic" Island Park, Idaho.  The ranch has lots of (free)  extras, besides riding horses.  FishingFor example, you can fish in our private ponds and lakes. We'll even lend you a fishing pole!

You can learn "roping skills".
steer head A guide or wrangler will actually teach you!

                         You can go paddle boat canoeing and paddle boating.  The ranch will lend you the boats! 

You can dress up with cowboy hats and chaps
Guests in hats and chapsand take your own pictures. The ranch will even lend you the hats and chaps! 

All of these, and numerous other activities, are included at no extra cost!
You can plan on spending the entire day at the ranch if you want!

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ADDRESS: 3438 Old Shotgun Road, Island Park. ID 83429
NOTE: The Eagle Ridge Ranch is in a secluded area and    a GPS won't guide you to us.  To find our exact location, please call the reservation number or (208) 558-7077

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                AVAILABLE RIDES

                   MORNING HALF-DAY TRIP

per rider   Ride Starts at 9:50 a.m.  
There are numerous ride choices including riding up onto the mountain ridges and down into the deep ravines. Some of our rides are near the Continental Divide, which separates Idaho & Montana; the wild flowers bloom there nearly all summer. Some of our rides are in the lower meadow lands (moose country). We conduct our rides to satisfy the desires of our guests which includes where we ride and the rate of travel. With all of the extra activities available (free) at the ranch, plan on spending the afternoon with us as well.  Be sure you bring your camera!

                        AFTERNOON FAMILY SPECIAL

             $47.17per rider      Ride Starts at 1:30 p.m.

Are you looking for the best price for your family? Join us for a fun two hour ride amongst the cattle, along the creeks, and in the meadows of the largest cattle ranch in Eastern Idaho. As with the other (longer) rides that we offer, you may bring your family, however large or small and spend the day at our ranch fishing, riding horses, boating, canoeing, picnicking, and of course-catching frogs! You can spend as much or little time with us at this discounted price.

                           EVENING TWO HOUR RIDE

                    $51.88    per rider   Ride Starts at 4:00 p.m.


The two hour evening ride is casual, gentle, and thoroughly enjoyed by all ages including grandpa and grandpa. Time is spent riding near the lakes & along the streams that flow down through the meadows. We ride amidst the natural habitat of moose as well as nesting geese and ducks. We do not actually ride in the mountains and our rate of travel is slower. Everyone gets a chance to visit with our knowledgeable guides, ask questions, and listen to their stories and experiences.

                                    WESTERN COOKOUT  RIDE

      $75.47 per rider   (kids rates available)  Ride Starts at 4:00 p.m.
 The western cookout ride begins at 4:00 p.m. at the barns where guests mount and enjoy a relaxing hour and a half horseback ride. The western cookout will be served in the breath-taking outdoors in a peaceful setting with wildflowers and trees as part of the atmosphere.  There is no dining experience around that can match this one! 

Typically, our menu is as follows:

*Dutch Oven pork spareribs  *Dutch Oven potatoes  *Dutch Oven cobbler  *Hot Scones  *Green Salad  *Beverage


With all of our rides, for no extra charge, you can spend all of the time you want fishing (no license required), boating and canoeing (we'll lend them to you), relaxing under the trees, or even playing volleyball!

Yellowstone Horses Outfitters Guides

All of our horseback rides are guided and our guides are licensed by the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Board; they are all certified in Standard First Aid and CPR. Riding in Yellowstone Country&desc=Offers guided horseback trail rides to individuals and groups. Includes photos, rates, ride descriptions, and history of the ranch.&site_owner=Tom Angell&address1=Halo Ranch&address2= 2725 E 600 N&city=St. Anthony&state=ID&pos