The Angell family, who own and operate Halo Ranch Outfitters, come from a long line of professional cowboys.  This site centers around the Halo Ranch's guide's rodeo background.  Because of the pictures displayed, it's slow to come up.  What you are reading now will disappear when the site is complete.

Halo Ranch Outfitters
Owned and operated by a family of professional cowboys


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The Halo Ranch Outfitters is a horseback riding operation located in Yellowstone Country.  This business is owned and operated by the Angell family of professional rodeo fame.  All of the men in this family are now, or have been involved in rodeo competition.

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 For many years, the family produced rodeos throughout Idaho, Utah, Montana, Oregon, and Wyoming. During the rodeo producing era, Curley (Grandpa) and Tom (Dad) were also in active competition.  Curley, over the years, won several western state's final yearly saddle bronc riding championships.  Tom was very active in High School and College rodeos; he qualified for the National Finals, five different years, and attended college on Rodeo scholarships! Tom's four sons are now, or were active in rodeo competition.  Two of them attended college on rodeo scholarships, and qualified for the High School and College National Finals several times. One of them, Travis, holds the all-time record for the most Intermountain Professional Rodeo Association saddle bronc riding yearly championships!

The photos below are actual, action pictures of some of the guides who will be conducting the different tours. These photos were all taken in competitive settings.

Nearly everyone in the family team ropes.  Often, after spending the day riding in the mountains with the guests, the guides and wranglers will saddle their competition horses and spend a couple of hours team roping.

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Travis at the National Finals
Although rodeo competition was important to all of our family member guides at one time, injuries and old-age has put part of the family "on-the-sideline".  However, because of their vast experience with competitive horses, as well as ordinary horses, we feel that our guides can handle any situation! 



  There are rodeos (some of them amateur) at numerous, close  locations, every week, from the first of June until the first of September.