Western Cowboy Cookout

True Old-fashioned Cooking                    

    Western Cowboy Cookout- Dutch Oven style with a Horse Ride*

$75.47 ages 12 and up, $66.03 kids

Hot Scones & Honey-ButterAre you looking for a chuckwagon supper, western cowboy cookout, or Dutch oven dinner in combination with a horse ride to add to your Yellowstone vacation?  If so, you need to try our Western Cowboy Cookout; it will be the highlight of your vacation!  Our main cook has had years of experience preparing Dutch oven meals, and her cowboy style cooking cannot be beat!

 Horseback ride before the meal

The ride starts at 4:00 pm with a fun and relaxing two hour horse ride around the beautiful, picturesque ranch. Guests then return to the barn, bid farewell to their horse, and are then taken to a beautiful outdoor mountain setting, amongst the wildflowers and pine trees, for a fabulous Dutch oven meal. The food portions are large; you will not be disappointed!

The menu typically includes the following: