Dutch Oven Dinner

Dutch Oven Dinner Ride

Dutch Oven Dinner with horseback ride

Dutch Oven Dinner Ride    Are you looking for a chuck-wagon supper, western cowboy cookout, or Dutch oven dinner to add to your Yellowstone vacation?  Then you need to try our Dutch Oven Dinner Ride; it will definitely be the highlight of your vacation!  Our main cook has years of experience preparing Dutch oven meals, and her cooking cannot be beat by anyone! 

Our Dutch Oven Dinner Rides begin at 5:00 pm at the barns where guests will enjoy a relaxing hour to hour and a half horseback ride.  If riding a horse doesn’t appeal to you, we can always take you to the dinner site by wagon. The Dutch oven meal will be served in the breath-taking outdoors in a peaceful setting with wildflowers and trees as part of the atmosphere.  There is no dining experience around that can match this one!  

Dutch Oven Cooks & Guides

 Group riding to the Dutch Oven Dinner

Typically, our menu is as follows:

*Dutch Oven pork spareribs
*Dutch Oven potatoes
*Dutch Oven cobbler
*Hot Scones
*Green Salad

 Ages 11 + $75.47
           Ages 5-10 $66.04
           Ages 3-4  $9.45  (if riding double)

Ages under 3 = free


*All prices subject to .06% tax.

Advance reservations are required to participate.(208)-558-7077